book Imagine how your life would change if you discovered the secrets to understanding the Natural Laws of Creation? What if you could access the wisdom of the ancients directly and were able to live your life as a spiritually awakened being, with an open heart, creating the life that you dream of?

Wind Hughes is a modern-day feminine shaman. In this book, she takes you on a journey out of the confines of the body, to the expanded reaches of spiritual experience beyond life, as we know it. Life Is the Ceremony chronicles her visions, mystical experiences, meeting with teachers from other dimensions, and her use of ceremony to call in her soul mate. By sharing her personal journey through the mystical and quantum realms and integrating them into her personal and professional life, Wind makes the transcendent life accessible to everyone.

This book is a practical how-to guide for living your own unique conscious and awakened life, and becoming the powerful manifestor that you are. It is a map leading to the doorway opening to the other side. Awakening and becoming a Spiritual R-Evolutionary is the most powerful personal and political act. Individually, we can change the planet. You may laugh, you may cry: you will come away transformed.

Wind weaves her professional life as a psychotherapist with her spiritual experience and mystical visions providing the reader a rare glimpse, and intimate understanding, of our human journey and desire for a deeper understanding of life. Wind's candid style of writing is evident in her award winning first book, Daughter's of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood - New Society Publishers, co-authored with Linda Wolf. The book, which has been translated into Chinese, is based on a two-year project for teens designed to empower young women and facilitate healthy relationships between the genders. The project included amazing mentors who shared their wisdom with the teens, including; Maya Angelou, the Indigo Girls, Riane Eisler, Angela Davis, Starhawk, Robert Bly and many others. She has also authored two children’s books, multiple DVD’s and CD’s of her work. Wind travels widely bringing her teachings to conferences and workshops. She has been interviewed on radio and television internationally.

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