THE SACRED WHEEL and the Art of Magick

One day workshop
Fall 2016 Date & Time TBA Check Back Soon!

Sebastopol, CA
707 772-6928
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The Power that moves the moon moves us all.
The power that lights the sun lights all our lives.

A powerful and fun experience for women and men seeking to live more fully from their inherent wisdom and power.
The class is taught in a 'how to' manner making it easy to incorporate the information into participants lives.

We will experience:
Aligning with the cycles of the Natural Laws of Creation as they are mirrored in the Sacred Wheel - including:

  • Moon and Sun Cycles
  • Seasonal Cycles
  • Understanding and working with the 8 main Sabbats
  • Creating ritual and ceremony and the difference between simple ritual and trance ritual
  • Using ritual for manifestation
  • Drumming as a tool
  • The importance of ceremonial community
  • more!