Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone
The Archetypes of Power in the Sacred Wheel   A Women.s Retreat

This powerful women.s workshop awakens .the remembering.of what we once knew, and offers the opportunity to utilize this wisdom as a way of understanding our developmental life stages as women, and connection to, the path of women in our lives who have walked before us.

These archetypes manifest in the ancient teachings of the Sacred Wheel. The power awaiting for us there, when we align with these archetypes & Natural Laws of Creation, is essential to understanding the natural cycles of our lives & .Women.s Magick., as well as the ability to tap into this knowledge for our own empowerment, ritual, and creative manifestation. Come join the circle, remember what you know, raise your power, and share in the safety of a circle of sisters as you explore the ancient wisdom of women.

The Circle is Open But Never Ever Broken

-Merry Meet, Merry Part & Merry Meet Again.....(an ancient women.s greeting)